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Bookfest Panel

So, my writing group, BACCA Literary, got together this past weekend to do our panel at Virginia Festival of the Book about Creating a Great Writing Group.

Claire Cameron, Carolyn O'Neal, A M Carley, Bethany Joy Carlson

Claire Cameron, Carolyn O’Neal, A M Carley, Bethany Joy Carlson at Creating a Great Writing Group 23 March 2013

We had a good time, told stories, and got several knowing laughs. Also, I felt that people attending got information, along with encouragement.

During the session and in the chats with audience members afterwards, I sensed some people connecting with things we said – about establishing and protecting trust in the group, about establishing habits of regular meetings and regular work deadlines, about honoring the distinctions between friends and writers.

I am a big believer in the power of a good writing group to educate the writer – it has made me a better writer, as well as a better editor and communicator about writing.

I was reminded again how many interesting stories there are in this world. We carry them around and sometimes we choose to tell them to more people. Fiction or nonfiction, it’s all storytelling to one degree or another. Writing groups can form the bridge outward from the isolation of writing into connection, first with the handful of writers in your group, and gradually out toward strangers, including potential agents, editors and publishers, and the general reading public.

Thanks, BACCA, and thanks Virginia Festival of the Book, and thanks WriterHouse (co-sponsor of our session). None of this would have happened without you.

Now back to writing!