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Happy Poetry Month

Happy Poetry Month

The US publisher, Knopf, will email you a poem (or more – today you get two by Cafavy) each day this month. You can hear audio of some or all of them as well if you want to sit back and listen. Sign up here.

Some days, in previous years, I haven’t had the metabolic availability to pay attention to poetry when the email comes in. (Racing tooooo fast.) Eventually, though, the poems are little gifts I can enjoy when I slow down and open up.

And I just discovered if you want a poem delivered to your emailbox every day of the entire year, you can sign up with the Academy of American Poets for that service. They are the outfit that came up with National Poetry Month in 1996.

A list of activities for this year’s celebration is available here.

And the Poetry Foundation is giving away free PDF copies of April’s issue of Poetry Magazine here.

Poetry. Once a year, whether you need it or not. As good for you as fresh vegetables and just as tasty. Enjoy!