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When Did You Learn That?

My dad was a longtime voice teacher and choir director, among other things. When a person, knowing this about him, would tell him “Oh, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket,” my dad would reply with a question.

“Where did you learn that?”

He said he invariably got a specific answer. Something like: “My choir teacher in third grade.” “Mr Brown in seventh grade.” “Miss Johnson at church in kindergarten.” Everyone had an exact scene, vividly in mind. The scene in which a person taught them, for life, that they could not and should not sing.

Teachers have tremendous power, and many teachers want to use their powers for good. The dedicated teachers I know are one by one becoming so depleted and frustrated by inept and/or malign programs and regimes they are closing the door and stumbling away from the work they have loved and the students they have devoted their intellects and hearts to, day in and day out.

This news item got my attention. I do not know this teacher from Syracuse, NY. He got some publicity about the situation. Countless others just leave, without the publicity. Consider doing what you can, in your own school system and on the national scale, to turn this around. Make it possible for excellent, smart, caring teachers to do the work they love.