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Exciting developments in the world of A M Carley, Writer. New publications, an event, and more. Here you go!

#METoo Book Hits #1!

I want to tell you about a timely new book, to which I contribute an essay. Four days after its publication, we were thrilled to see it had become an Amazon #1 Bestseller in two Kindle categories!


#MeToo ebook features 25 writers on where we go from here

I’m really pleased to be a part of this publication, and I invite you to check it out.

Everyone on the project, from the editor / publisher to the 25 essayists, contributed their work at no charge, so that the book could be read and distributed far and wide.

It’s an ebook for now, and will soon also be a paperback, which will be sold at the publisher’s cost, for the same generous reason.

Here are the details on Amazon:

#MeToo: Essays About How and Why This Happened, What It Means and How to Make Sure It Never Happens Again

The FLOAT Publications (Now There Are Two)


A M Carley’s handbook for writers

Last December, I introduced FLOAT • Becoming Unstuck for Writers. A handbook for writers, FLOAT aims to provide writers a ready resource when they need encouragement, a sense of community, or a respite from the hard work of assembling words. The paperback is on the shelves at a number of Central Virginia booksellers, and is also available online as an ebook and paperback. More book events are planned for the coming months. Keep reading for details on the new FLOAT Cards for Writers – and the cool event where I’m launching them.

Now about Those FLOAT Cards for Writers:

FLOAT Cards for Writers

FLOAT Cards for Writers – 52 bite-size ways to keep going

How do you like my blurb for them?

  • When you feel at a loss for words – or motivation – in your writing project, draw on your own inner resources, and the wisdom of many who’ve come before.
  • Draw a card, consider its meaning, and re-balance.
  • Any time you just need a boost, let FLOAT Cards for Writers provide thought-provoking, bite-sized sources of inspiration –  and intervention – to get the creative juices flowing again.
  • In this accessible card deck with accompanying online guide, A M Carley, author of FLOAT • Becoming Unstuck for Writers, collects 52 ways you can revitalize your creative practice.
  • Pick a card! You’ll pick up your writing again with ease.
  • An online guide with suggested ways to use the cards, alone and in groups, is included with purchase.

FLOAT Cards Launch at Charlottesville (Virginia) Book Fair 11/18/2017

Join us at the first annual Charlottesville Book Fair. It happens at CitySpace on the Historic Downtown Mall in Cville, all day Saturday 18 November. Free of charge, offering books for all the people in your life, from young kids to grownups. All day, from 10am to 4pm. More info here, here, and here. See what the FLOAT Cards have to tell you – pick a card and find out. Get your copies of FLOAT • Becoming Unstuck for Writers, and decks of the FLOAT Cards for Writers as gifts for the writers in your life, while you’re at it. Please stop by and say hello! (If you can’t make it that day, the cards will become available online and at local retailers after the 11/18/17 launch.)

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