Book: FLOAT • Becoming Unstuck for Writers


A M Carley’s handbook and desk reference

FLOAT • Becoming Unstuck for Writers

Introducing the FLOAT Approach to becoming unstuck: a gentle, stepwise invitation to mindful problem-solving and brainstorming. Your own wisdom gains the space and support to speak up and be heard. Help is here! Use FLOAT to draw on your own hidden resources, and find your way again. Including more than 80 tools, extensive introductory materials, inspiration from published authors, multiple indexes for easy reference, and a free online user guide including tools preview, quizzes, two audio tours, and a matrix of all the tools, FLOAT is a resource to keep handy.

Suitable for writers from woo-woo to pragmatic, introverted to extroverted, quiet to exuberant, contemplative to active, this book offers useful interventions to help writers become unstuck.


Trust yourself

Use simple tools

Honor your wisdom

Connect with the clan of writers

Find your strength


Now on shelves at Central Virginia booksellers and available on Amazon as a paperback and ebook.

From Be Well Here. Trade paperback and ebook. 234 pages. SELF-HELP / CREATIVITY

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