My Office Is a Mess

No, really.

I could tell you why, but it’s a long and boring explanation.

I’d much rather report that it is no longer a mess. Coming soon….

And meanwhile, here are views of work spaces where some famous writers and painters have worked over the centuries. Jane Austen leaves everyone in the dust. Not for the first time.

— AM Carley

2 thoughts on “My Office Is a Mess

  1. AM Carley Post author

    I wish my space looked like Ruth Reichl’s. At the moment, ack!!!! And in a perfect world, I could write like Jane Austen, at a tiny marble side table, with a quill pen. Well, that sentence could end with the word, “Austen” and still be true, and just as unlikely ever to be so. ;)

  2. Carolyn O'Neal

    I need to start reading Will Self books. His office looks the most like mine…. All the little notes all over the place.


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