FLOAT Is Launching

Yep. After writing the book – which seems easy, looking back – come a whole lot of reminders about the business part of being an author.

Everyone who’s done it knows the sense of – huh? – that arises at the oddest times.

Like when you’re dropping off to sleep, or running an errand, or reading someone else’s book.


You get a thought about the marketing and promotion.

Did I return that phone call to the newspaper writer?

Did the web person get back to me?

Did I send the Amazon link out?

Oh, right. As to that last one, I want to share the direct link to Amazon where you can buy the paperback and ebook versions of my book, FLOAT • Becoming Unstuck for Writers.

Here ya go:


And if you find the book useful, do me a favor and put up a review – just a sentence is fine – at Amazon or your preferred book website. Reviews are what make the world go round for indie authors like me. Seriously.

Thanks for reading!


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