FLOAT: Becoming Unstuck for Writers

As Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once opined about obscenity, you know stuckness when you see it. And feel it.

And, possibly, fear it.

book cover for FLOAT: Becoming Unstuck for Writers

First look at the first draft of my book cover!

I just wrote a book about stuckness – well, how to free yourself from stuckness, and become unstuck.

FLOAT: Becoming Unstuck for Writers is going to be published this fall!

UPDATE – It’s now available on Amazon in the US; in Canada; and in the UK.

Feeling stuck doesn’t need to be a permanent condition.

In fact, sometimes, the stuckness itself can send an important message, a key to understanding your next step. The FLOAT Approach to becoming unstuck is a gentle, stepwise invitation to your inner wisdom.

Because on a bad day, we can be uncertain what to believe.

Through my work with authors, and with my own writing, I’ve put together an approach to becoming unstuck, along with a host of tools to apply, depending on how you’re feeling and how much bandwidth you’ve got at the moment.

Find your way beyond the stuckness, by working with, not against, yourself. That’s the gist. Want to learn more? Send me a comment here. And thank you!

— Anne


2 thoughts on “FLOAT: Becoming Unstuck for Writers

  1. Charlie Van Hecke

    Reading FLOAT now and. the writing is flowing! The style is stimulating and supporting. For instance, on page 41 “But Does It Pay?” helps you deal with relatives who ask “sold a million books yet?” (This hit home because a relative just told me someone would appreciate my writing after my death!) Is that support? I have not finished FLOAT yet, because I am taking my time, and using the tools to become “unstuck”.

    1. AM Carley Post author

      @Charlie, I so appreciate this feedback. Glad it’s working for you, and love that real-life example. Well, not the part about what your relative said to you… ;) Definitely take your time and use FLOAT for #becomigunstuck. All best – Anne


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