FLOAT Audio Tour

Curious about the FLOAT book and cards? For an audio tour of the FLOAT Approach, visit this page at our sister site, Chenille Books. Find out what’s different about using FLOAT in your journey toward #becomingunstuck.


The audiobook version of Zack Bonnie’s memoir, Dead, Insane, or in Jail: A CEDU Memoir, narrated by the author, includes my voice, for the interstitial “bits” – the letters, diary entries, expert opinion, etc. – we interspersed throughout the book. My first participation in an audiobook project, and I hope one  of many to come!


Bay Area entrepreneur Thuy Pham interviewed me for her series, Get on Your Quest. Here’s the transcript of our conversation. We talk about writing, reading, connectedness, and #becomingunstuck.

Here’s a recording of my first podcast, for the NPR affiliate in Charlottesville, reading a short (under 3 minute) piece I wrote called Candle. It’s about survivors faced with the recent suicide death of a loved one.

Read the story of how this came to happen here.


For recordings of selected songs I composed over the years, please visit

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