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Perfection, Schmection

Since publishing my first book, FLOAT • Becoming Unstuck for Writers, I’ve been learning so much on the topic. At the time, it felt arbitrary – my decision that the book was “done” enough to put out into the world – and now I can see how necessary that arbitrariness was. I’ll never really be “done.” If I’d waited for everything to be perfect, well, I’d still be waiting.

I’m still working with authors, coaching and editing and helping them develop their manuscripts. This means that they’re teaching me every day. Also, I’m still writing, and gaining the benefits of experience (not to mention valuable ongoing feedback from the writer group, BACCA, I’m lucky to be a part of for six years now).

Lately, preparing for a fall season of book events, I also decided to develop a deck of FLOAT Cards for Writers. The idea is that you can use them as a randomized guide for a given writing session. Pick a card, any card…get a bite-size source of inspiration – or intervention – to get the creative juices flowing.

I made a prototype of the card deck, and it’ll be coming with me in a few days, for a book event at Baine’s Books & Coffee, an independent bookstore in Scottsville, VA. I’ll see how people like using them!

FLOAT Cards Box top

Coming this fall!

Anyway, adapting materials from the book for such a different format and purpose got me thinking, once again, about how much room there is to expand on – or compress – the ideas in the book. As I was creating the deck of 52 cards, I was focusing on how to fold into the small space of a card (3 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches) the recent lessons and ideas I’ve accumulated over the months since FLOAT hit the marketplace.

I’ve begun to see that the tools I offer in FLOAT can, in a real sense, always be improved upon. And maybe that’s a good thing.

Perfection isn’t fruitful. Growth and potential are messier than that.

In order to go on living one must try to escape the death involved in perfectionism.
–Hannah Arendt

FLOAT Is Launching

Yep. After writing the book – which seems easy, looking back – come a whole lot of reminders about the business part of being an author.

Everyone who’s done it knows the sense of – huh? – that arises at the oddest times.

Like when you’re dropping off to sleep, or running an errand, or reading someone else’s book.


You get a thought about the marketing and promotion.

Did I return that phone call to the newspaper writer?

Did the web person get back to me?

Did I send the Amazon link out?

Oh, right. As to that last one, I want to share the direct link to Amazon where you can buy the paperback and ebook versions of my book, FLOAT • Becoming Unstuck for Writers.

Here ya go:


And if you find the book useful, do me a favor and put up a review – just a sentence is fine – at Amazon or your preferred book website. Reviews are what make the world go round for indie authors like me. Seriously.

Thanks for reading!


Author Book Fair in Charlottesville VA

Holiday Book Fair

I’m excited to be part of a pre-holiday book fair at WriterHouse, Charlottesville, VA on Sunday 4 December from 1 to 4pm. (WriterHouse is located behind the Preston Ave. Bodo’s Bagel shop, at 508 Dale Avenue, Charlottesville, VA 22902. Tel 434.296.1922)
Hard to believe, but that’s the weekend after Thanksgiving weekend. The holidays will be here sooner than seems possible!

Stop by on Sunday 4 December

Please drop by, chat with twelve authors, get copies signed for gifts – and for yourself – and check out the array of titles, from children’s books to adult fiction and nonfiction like mine. I’ll be signing books and chatting with everyone.

Making a New Year’s resolution to write more?

What better holiday gift – for yourself and the writers you know – than a book all about helping writers follow through on their intentions? I’m thrilled to be introducing this book at the WriterHouse event. So join the celebration and drop by!

Announcing my new book!

I’m going to be at the book fair with – ta-daah! – my new book, FLOAT • Becoming Unstuck for Writers. If you’re in the area, please stop by and say hello.

Festivity, books, conversation, & snacks

Charlottesville Author Book Fair Sunday 4 Dec 2016

Charlottesville Author Book Fair Sunday 4 Dec 2016

We’re conspiring to provide snacks and beverages for adults as well as children. There’s going to be a kids’ room where children can play and check out the books meant especially for them.
I anticipate a festive time for all.

Know any writers?

Even if you’ve got your copy, consider picking up extra copies of FLOAT to give to the other writers in your life this holiday season. I’ll be ready to sign them all. And if you’re in another part of the world, get in touch, se we can get a signed copy headed your way!

She made this possible!

Novelist Carolyn O'Neal

Carolyn O’Neal

Special thanks to Carolyn O’Neal, author of the dystopian ecofiction novel Kingsley, who organized this event at WriterHouse. I have insider knowledge, as a member of the same writer group, that she’s already hard at work on the next book in the series….
Happy holidays!

FLOAT: Becoming Unstuck for Writers

As Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once opined about obscenity, you know stuckness when you see it. And feel it.

And, possibly, fear it.

book cover for FLOAT: Becoming Unstuck for Writers

First look at the first draft of my book cover!

I just wrote a book about stuckness – well, how to free yourself from stuckness, and become unstuck.

FLOAT: Becoming Unstuck for Writers is going to be published this fall!

UPDATE – It’s now available on Amazon in the US; in Canada; and in the UK.

Feeling stuck doesn’t need to be a permanent condition.

In fact, sometimes, the stuckness itself can send an important message, a key to understanding your next step. The FLOAT Approach to becoming unstuck is a gentle, stepwise invitation to your inner wisdom.

Because on a bad day, we can be uncertain what to believe.

Through my work with authors, and with my own writing, I’ve put together an approach to becoming unstuck, along with a host of tools to apply, depending on how you’re feeling and how much bandwidth you’ve got at the moment.

Find your way beyond the stuckness, by working with, not against, yourself. That’s the gist. Want to learn more? Send me a comment here. And thank you!

— Anne