FLOAT • Becoming Unstuck for Writers

As a writer, you know stuckness when you see it. And feel it. And, possibly, fear it. There may be shame. Isolation. The sense that you’re totally alone with this struggle.

Maybe the worst part is not knowing what to do about it. Especially after you’ve tried too many fixes that didn’t work.

First off, you’re not alone. As a writer, you’re part of the timeless clan of writers and storytellers that dates its origins as far back as the ancient cave dwellers. Occasional stuckness probably dates back that far, too.

And here’s more good news: Feeling stuck doesn’t need to be a permanent condition. In fact, sometimes, the stuckness itself can become a key to understanding. When we take away the shame, and give the stuckness a place to be, it can guide us to our next steps.

A M Carley introduces the FLOAT Approach to becoming unstuck: a gentle, stepwise invitation to mindful problem-solving and brainstorming. Your own wisdom gains the space to speak up and be heard.

Use FLOAT to draw on your own hidden resources, restore your confidence, and get back to writing. Become unstuck, your way.

Quick writerly inspiration!

We're pleased to announce FLOAT Cards for Writers.

Become unstuck in one manageable moment of FLOAT inspiration. No need to have the book with you. (Rest assured, the book, FLOAT • Becoming Unstuck for Writers is available online and at Central Virginia booksellers)

Just pick a card!

Each of the 52 cards in the FLOAT card deck contains a complete thought, idea, or tool, to guide you on your writing path. Gain an insight, savor a bit of encouragement, switch your outlook, have a laugh. Each card is a self-contained nugget of goodness for writers. Half of the cards are based on tools in the companion book, FLOAT • Becoming Unstuck for Writers. The other 26 cards contain selected advice, observations, and guidance from the world's best writers (many of these are new to the FLOAT cards and do not appear in the FLOAT book).

Our totally unscientific field-testing reveals an uncanny frequency with which people draw a card that ties in directly to their current situation, and gives them a boost.

  • Keep the box of FLOAT Cards for Writers near your journal or desk.
  • Bring a box to a gathering of writers, and see what happens.
  • A box of FLOAT Cards for Writers makes the ideal gift for writers and would-be writers.

Complete with a permanent storage box, and links to additional web content, your FLOAT Cards for Writers will be a renewable resource for #becomingunstuck.