A book, a deck of cards, and a 30-day email course all share the same roots: my belief that for creative work to flourish, we benefit from a sense of belonging. Once we create a safe place to do the work preliminary to sharing with others, we take away the shame and we give our occasional periods of stuckness a place to be. If that’s in community, we cultivate community. If that’s protected alone space, we make that space.

The FLOAT Approach acknowledges these powerful needs, and provides ways to work with them. Here’s how: Click for details below, or keep reading about our human paradox.

A M Carley’s handbook and desk reference

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It’s a paradox.

We empathize with our fellow humans who are invested in a creative project. We surge toward the joy of making something new and fine to enrich the lives of others – and scramble self-protectively for the back of the cave, as far away as possible from sharing, trusting, or seeking an audience. It’s not always easy to negotiate a middle way, when we’re in the grip of these powerful – opposed – impulses!

We want to connect. Yet none of us can avoid the self-protective suspicion that eventually got humans to our position at the top of the food chain. Our species wouldn’t have emerged, let alone survived, without an inborn alert system. We learned, before we had become humans, not to trust.

We also are born with a need for closeness, not just to reproduce the species, but to bond with and care for others. Maybe we’re capable of connecting to a shared universal energy or awareness that some call the divine. Yet, day by day, each of us navigates a continuum of need, between mistrustful isolation and immersive connection. In fact, the Buddhists say it’s the illusion of separateness that creates human suffering.

Wherever you find yourself on the continuum between isolation and over-connectedness at a given moment, you can use the FLOAT Approach to refocus and refresh yourself. Your writing project will become manageable once more.

Here’s to #becomingunstuck!

— Anne

PS For an audio introduction to the FLOAT Approach, check this out.